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New IT and Communications Technologies

Crypto currency

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies, or specifically of digital currencies.

Exascale computing

Exascale computing would be considered as a significant achievement in computer engineering, for it is believed to be the order of processing power of the human brain at neural level (functional might be lower). It is, for instance, the target power of the Human Brain Project.

General-purpose computing on graphics processing units

GPGPU pipelines were first developed for better, more general graphics processing (e.g., for better shaders). These pipelines were found to fit scientific computing needs well.

Information oriented software development

Information Oriented Software Development is a software development methodology focused on working with information inside a computer program as opposed to working with just data. Information Oriented Software Development relies on data structures specifically designed to hold information, and relies on frameworks that support those data structures.

Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography is the science of exploiting quantum mechanical properties to perform cryptographic tasks. The best known example of quantum cryptography is quantum key distribution which offers an information-theoretically secure solution to the key exchange problem. Currently used popular public-key encryption and signature schemes can be broken by quantum adversaries.

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Get the exact level of IT support you need to keep your business systems running efficiently.

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