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Your donation and contribution can make a huge difference.

We at GISASS India do our best to provide search engine, via our projects. You can choose a cause to help us do better.

What’s our take on transparency ?

We think it’s essential! Promoting transparency is one of the basic concepts behind GISASS India. That’s why we stipulate that all social projects collecting donations via our platform tell the community how those donations are being used. The same goes for us too of course. You can read about how we use the funds at our disposal in the management reports contained in our annual statements.

Any one can do good with us ?

We are always looking for people who want to make the world a better place and spread our ideas – as a part of our team, or as a volunteer ambassador.

Companies: Make your social engagement more effective and visible. ?

Our expertise and tools allow your company to bring a modern approach to doing good.
We will show you how to employ social engagement to impress and excite your employees and your customers.

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