YOUR WEBSITE. YOUR RULES. Connect with your audience wherever they are & pay per click on GISASS Search panel.

Simple and fast

Not too complicated like other advertising (Adwords) network.

Full Control

get every click and impression report within one click.

Type of adwords

GISASS Adwords almost cover every type of ads for big Promo.

Easy Payment

GISASS not delaying payment like other adwords network does.

Best relevant adwords

GISASS provides relevant adwords for increase your business traffic.


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How it's work

WE CREATE QUALITY DESIGNS ADWORDS. We Specialize in Web Design & Jquery / Java Script for Adwords Add on GISASS panel. Step by Step work flow.......

Step 1 - Create your free Adwords account in GISASS India and than signin a/c.

Step 2 - Create your Adwords for simple way to pay per click by your side.

Step 3 - You can control Adwords account for active/block ads, audience, see viewer list & more.

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Why Adwords

Here’s what you need to get started GISASS Adwords and why it's important for your business.

If you are GISASS Adwords publisher read these unknown benefits of GISASS Adwords. You might be unaware these advantages. Using GISASS Adwords ads in GISASS search is dream for every advertiser. Even when you first started your site you were totally unaware about GISASS Adwords. When you know about GISASS Adwords that time you really excited about GISASS Adwords. you can’t wait for 6 months as GISASS Adwords rule, apply for GISASS Adwords within a months and create Adwords account.

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